Char Broil Charcoal Grill 22.5 inch Kettleman Review

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The Char Broil Charcoal Grill Kettleman is the type of grill that’s becoming more and more popular. Kettle grills were first introduced by Weber, their original version has been updated and is still popular today.


There’s something different about the Kettleman grill from Char Broil in that it uses what they call Tru-Infrared technology to get better results. It’s a system that allows you to grill more food with less charcoal and there will be less flare-ups too.


Char Broil was founded in 1948 and they say that they were the first to bring a charcoal grill to the market. Outdoor grilling has been around for much longer than that, but the company says it was them who started the craze as we know it today with Char Broil charcoal grills.


If you’re looking for a new kettle type grill, is this the one for you or should you consider the traditional Weber? Is there much difference between them and is one better than the other? Both have excellent customer reviews so let’s see how good this one really is.


Char Broil Charcoal Grill Features


  • 22.5 inch porcelain coated cooking grate
  • 360 square inches cooking area
  • Hinged lid
  • Large vent for heat control
  • Temperature gauge
  • Removable ash bowl
  • Strong legs and wide base for stability


This is a decent sized grill with its 360 square inches cooking area. The cooking grate is 22.5 inches in diameter which means there’s plenty of room for a lot of food. Enough for a fairly large family. The grate is coated with porcelain which helps with heat distribution and has been designed so there’s no “fall through”. It allows the flavor of the charcoal through but keeps the flames away from the food. This helps to prevent any flare-ups.


There are air vents around the body of the firebox kettle which allow the air to flow in all around. This lets the air increase the fire from all sides, keeping it evenly spread and helping to heat up the cooking surface. Large air vents on top of the lid help to control the heat. Opening the vent lets heat out to make the inside a little cooler and closing it keeps more heat inside. The temperature gauge lets you know whether it needs more or less heat inside.


The way in which it is designed means that you can get efficient burning. The Tru-Infrared technology helps with better heat distribution and retention, it can cook more than some other similar models while using less charcoal.


Having a hinged lid makes is a convenient feature. Because the lid needs to be lifted a lot during grilling, it’s much easier to just lift it and let it rest rather than lifting it off and placing on the ground while you check the food. Perhaps not the most important feature but there is maybe an element of extra safety with it too.


Burnt ash can be very messy to clean up, but this Char Broil charcoal grill gets around that. The ash tray at the bottom collects all the waste and is easily removable so that it can be disposed easily. It’s a fairly large tray as well, so it can hold a lot.


It has three legs, two of them are fitted with wheels to make it easy to move around. The legs are fitted at a wide angle which gives extra stability to the unit. There’s also a shelf at the bottom near to the ground which acts as a place to store the grate and the way it’s fitted also helps with the overall stability.


Dimensions and Specifications


  • Assembled size: 25.8W x 25.8D x 38.8H inches
  • Lid: 23.19W x 23.07D x 9.96H inches
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Cooking area: 360 square inches
  • Firebox width: 22.5 inches



  • Heavy duty and well-made
  • Large cooking area
  • Tru-Infrared system
  • Good ventilation for heat control
  • Good heat distribution
  • Design means it cooks more with less charcoal
  • Hinged lid
  • Excellent ash collector tray
  • Easy to clean
  • Very little assembly required



  • None so far!



In many ways this seems like just a simple backyard grill, but there’s much more to it than that. The Char Broil grill reviews for it on Amazon are all very positive, only one customer has mentioned having to replace some parts, but still complemented the quality.


Other than good quality, the thing that’s probably of most interest is, does it do a great job of cooking? Well the answer to that is definitely yes, its design makes sure of that. The porcelain covering on the cooking grate means the heat distribution is good and cleaning it afterwards isn’t a problem.


Having the grate designed to not let food fall through is a nice feature because you’ll know when that happens, it causes the fire to flare up. That can’t happen with this grill. The Tru-Infrared system makes sure the heat is distributed evenly across the cooking grate and doesn’t go anywhere else. This is how you’ll need less charcoal to cook more food, which is obviously more economical.


The vent on top of the lid is fairly big which is very good to help with heat control. You’ll want it closed or only open a little when you first light the charcoal, but when it gets hot you can let some of the heat out. It doesn’t give you total control but at least you can adjust it a bit. The built-in thermometer is great to help judge how the vent needs adjusting.


Having holes around the firebox will help to fuel the fire with oxygen to make sure you get maximum heat. There’s no adjustments for these holes, but it probably wouldn’t be needed as fire needs oxygen to keep burning.


The ash collector tray has had a lot of positive feedback because it works so well. The ash will fall through into it and removing the tray is really easy as it just slides out. This helps with cleaning up, in fact with a porcelain covered grate as well, it’s really easy to keep your grill in a good and clean condition.


A hinged lid is a good idea as you only have to lift it without the need of placing it somewhere. Although it’s not a big thing, it’s a nice touch. Stability is important, so the way the legs are angled together with the bottom tray means it shouldn’t be a problem at all. The Char Broil Charcoal Grill 22.5 inch Kettleman is a quality piece of equipment and offers real value.

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