Best BBQ Grill Brush for Cleaning all Types of Grills

Qually United 3 in 1

Kona Grill Brush

Weber 6494 Grill Brush

Brushes3 brushes with own stroke3 bristle free brushesExtra thick bristles
MaterialsStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Dimensions3 x 4 x 17.7 inches17.5 x 4 x 10 inches12 x 0.8 x 1.2 inches
Weight11 ounces12 ounces7 ounces
Suitable Grill TypesAllAllAll


One of the least favorite tasks associated with grilling has to be cleaning up afterwards. It can be a messy and a difficult thing to do. No one enjoys this job, but it can be made a little easier by using grill cleaning tools. In order to find the best grill brush, we’ve looked at three of the best sellers. There’s more to a BBQ brush than you might think!


No matter which BBQ grill brush you choose, the job can be made a little easier if you oil the grill a little before you start to cook. This will help to prevent food sticking too much, but if it does, a grill brush will do the trick. Remember, when choosing a charcoal grill, you’ll want to make sure you have the best cleaning tools to keep it in top condition.


Qually United 3 in 1 Grill Brush


quality united grill brush

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a brush that does a good job. The Qually United 3 in 1 Grill Brush is great for any barbecue grill and comes at a very reasonable price.


Versatility and durability are important as well as usability. Well, the Quality United brush fits the bill. Its continued popularity makes it a cleaning brush that’s hard to beat.




  • Makes cleaning easy
  • Suitable for all grills
  • Safe to use
  • Durable


It’s quite likely that the most important thing you’re looking for is a brush which makes cleaning an easy job – this one does just that. The length of the brush and handle together is 18”, which means you can apply a good amount of pressure for difficult to remove food.


It’s a 3 in 1 cleaner because it features three rows of brushes and each of them has its own stroke. This makes it like three separate brushes in one brush head. It also has a 360 degree rotator to help you get to the most difficult parts with the most stubborn stuck-on food.


The Qually United 3 in 1 is a universal grill brush so it can be used for all BBQ cleaning on any make or type of grill. It can even be used on a George Foreman and we all know how difficult they can sometimes be to clean.


Safety is obviously important, especially as you might be cleaning the grill while it’s still hot, although letting it cool is better. The handle is 10” long so it will keep your hand a safe distance from the heat. It also means you can use quite a lot of pressure for better cleaning.


As for durability, it’s a well-made product using stainless steel which is 100% rust proof. The handle is a high quality plastic, making it long lasting and it helps to prevent heat transfer. It’s dishwasher safe and comes with a no risk 1 year warranty.




  • 3 individual rows of brushes for better cleaning
  • Made from stainless Steel which doesn’t scratch surfaces
  • 18” long for better handling
  • Can be used on any BBQ grill




  • Some people may find it a little too large


You might also like to check out the Best BBQ Grill Brush, which is virtually the same as the model from Qually United. Both of these are very popular and do an equally good job.

qually united

Qually United 18″ Brush



Kona Grill Brush


kona grill brush


The Kona Grill Brush is a bristle free barbecue grill brush, which makes it work in a different way to many other brushes. We know cleaning your grill can be a tough job, but this different approach may be of interest to you.


Bristle free isn’t particularly new, but is more uncommon than bristle brushes. The idea is to make cleaning easier with less effort, but does it work?




  • Bristle free
  • Long lasting
  • Decent handle length
  • Suitable for all grills
  • 10 year guarantee


Because there are no bristles on this Kona Grill Brush, it means there aren’t any sharp edges and there’s obviously no danger of metal bristles falling out. Unlike nylon grill brushes, there won’t be any melting. There are three stainless steel hard wired brushes built into it, making easier cleaning.


This barbecue brush has a patent pending, but it’s been made in a different way to most other brushes. It’s stronger than conventional brushes and because there’s no bristles, there’s nothing to wear or even fall off.


It’s certainly strong and difficult to bend. In fact, it’s 125% more rigid than other conventional grill brushes. Because of this, it’s guaranteed to last five times longer.


The handle is 18” and is made from a tough, weather resistant plastic. Because it’s so long, you can use both hands to exert more pressure and clean better. It also means you can keep your hands further away from the heat.


Any grill can be cleaned with the Kona Grill Brush, it’s safe for all types. Porcelain, ceramic and infrared can be cleaned with it and of course it’s suitable for charcoal grills.


A ten year guarantee is unusual with grill cleaning tools, but that’s exactly what you get with this one. The fact it’s guaranteed to last five times longer and is covered for ten years means it has to be a no-brainer!




  • Stainless steel, hard wired and bristle free
  • Three brushes
  • Long handle for extra leverage and safety
  • Very firm and robust
  • Works with all grills
  • 10 year “No Hassle” warranty




  • Lack of flexibility might make it difficult to reach some areas
kona grill brush

Kona Grill Brush



Weber 6494 12 Inch 3 Sided Grill Brush

weber 6494 grill brush

If you’re looking for a cheaper BBQ grill brush, you might want to check the Weber 6494 12 Inch 3 Sided Grill Brush. It’s an accessory from one of the top manufacturers in barbecue grilling.




  • Wide brush head
  • Thick stainless steel brushes
  • Ergonomic handle


The Weber 6494 is a simple, no nonsense BBQ brush. It comes with a wide brush head so you can get to hard to reach places. It makes it easier to clean larger surfaces quickly.


It has shorter sides which can be used to clean edges and get to the food stuck between the grates. The dimensions are 1.25 x 0.75 x 12 inches.


The stainless steel grill brushes are very thick. They’re heavy duty so they’ll last longer. They’re made this way in order to resist wear.


The handle has been ergonomically designed to give better control. It means your grip shouldn’t need too much pressure.




  • Suitable for all grill types
  • Designed to reach all difficult places
  • Thick stainless steel brushes are long lasting
  • Wide brush width means faster cleaning




  • Bristles may cause scratching on porcelain over time
  • Not really suitable for heavy duty use
weber 6494 brush

Weber 6494 Grill Brush

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